Friday, December 19, 2014

DigiTrains gameplay video: advantage of quick-list

This video shows how easily you can control a 3 platfrom station and 3 engines using some of the special features of DigiTrains: quick-list, functions icons, dispatcher game with layout editor, station speaker, etc.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

DigiTrains Loco Sounds user guide

Loco Sounds description

If you do not have sound decoder for a locomotive, with this solution you will be able to play certain sounds on your phone or tablet speaker. More than 25 different sounds, like horns, whistles, door sounds, etc.
The sounds can be used if you check the Sound checkbox in Function editor menu for a locomotive. (Open any of your Locomotive, touch tools icon next to the picture of the loco, touch Functions menu). In this example we will add a horn to F1.  Set F1 to Active and Touch, and set also a horn icon to it. Check the Give sound checkbox for it, too.

A new window will open. Here you can select from the sound list. The sound is played when selected. Save it.

Go back to Train Control window and press the horn icon. The sound is played by your phone speaker.

The volume of the sound is the same as your device media volume. If you do not hear the sound or you want to change the volume, be aware that in Train control window the volume buttons will adjust the speed on phones. So go to the station speaker menu and play an announcement. During the sound play press the volume buttons to set the right volume. Now you can go back to Train control and play the horn sound. Note: when you press the sound the function command is also sent to the decoder.

The Loco sounds is an In-App Product. You can try it for free and play sound for limited times. If it works fine and you like it, you may purchase it in DigiTrains Settings / In-App Products menu. Enjoy!

Monday, December 15, 2014

DigiTrains 2.2 on Play

Several new functions in DigiTrains latest version. It is available now on Google Play.

Release notes:

-Train control screen will return to the same train from the quick-list if you navigate to another window.

-Control your locomotive with volume buttons in train control menu. No need to watch the screen.

-12 new function icon for your locomotives:

-New In-App Product: Loco Sounds: 
If you do not have sound decoder for a locomotive, with this solution you will be able to play certain sounds on your phone or tablet speaker. More than 25 different sounds, like horns, whistles, door sounds, etc.

-If you use a black Z21, and beside the smartphones you also use Freds to control locomotives, sometimes you need to change the loco address in Freds. If you use DigiTrains you can change address in a Fred from DigiTrains Settings / Dispatch address menu.

-Optimized usage of background pictures to avoid app crash because of out of memory error on certain devices. This error usually happened on Samsung devices, where the Samsung Android OS handles the memory on a different way compared to simple Google Android OS.

-When DigiTrains used with JMRI, there was a bug in showing the locomotive pictures which have a space in their name (Roster ID). This bug has been fixed.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

DigiTrains - JMRI quick start videos

I created two videos today to show how easy is to use DigiTrains with JMRI.

 It is also useful for not JMRI users, the main difference is what you select after startup in Connections menu. Of course not JMRI users (Z21, DigiWifi) must add trains, accessories by themself and create routes and layouts as well.

Monday, November 24, 2014

DigiTrains 2.1 on Google Play

I updated today the app on Play. New features:

1. JMRI compatibility

2. New sound in Station Speaker
3. Application error report in e-mail

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Emergency STOP one locomotive

A new function in DigiTrains 1.9 is the emergency stop of the currently controlled locomotive. That is straightforward if you want to stop your locomotive you will press the normal STOP button on the train control screen. In this case the train will stop as it is defined in its CVs. If this is set to be like in the real world the train may stop on a quite long way. But what if you want to stop it immediately because of an emergency? You may use the Main Emergency STOP button on the top right corner, but this will stop all the trains on your layout. There is a better option now!

In Train Control menu you can LONG-TOUCH the normal STOP button between the + and - buttons. With this the currently driven locomotive will stop immediately, independent from the predefined CV values. This command will not influence the other locomotives on the layout. This functions is available on some throttles like the LENZ LH-100 (press the direction changes button).

Monday, October 20, 2014

Double Header native support in DigiTrains

Double Header

One of the new functions in DigiTrains 1.9 is a native double header support which is currently uniqe among the apps for model railroading.

Double Header means the two locomotives are connected to a train. This can be only achived in model railroading if you have a command station which supports it (for example Lenz) or you set both locomotives to the same dcc address.  

DigiTrains provides a checkbox in Double Header menu where you can enable or disable the native double header operation. 

If you command station do not support double header, and you enable native operation, DigiTrains will send speed commands for both locomotives matched together in Double Header menu, no matter which one we control from Train control menu. The direction and functions can be still adjusted individually. This way you can connect one train to the other on the layout moving them separately, then just put a tick to enable double header and then move them in syncron. Of course the parameters of the locomotives should be set before to match the speeds at similar speedsteps. 

So from now you can even use the function even if you use Roco 10764 + MultiMuas or Z21 as command station.

How to use Double Header in DigiTrains: 
1. Select a loco in train library
2. Enter into Train settings menu (tools icon next to loco thumbnail)
3. Select Double Header menu
4. Set if you command station supports double header or not
5. Select which train to match to the current one
6. Go back to train control menu and set speed. Both locomotive will move.

To disable double header repeat steps 1-4. Touch the locomotive in the list which has a tick on its picture. That is the actually matched locomotive to the double header. This will disable double header.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

DigiTrains 1.9 on Play

Today I updated DigiTrains app on Google Play. Release notes:

-Roco Z21 compatibility
-Loconet compatibility with Uhlenbrock 63840 Maus-Adapter
-Emergency stop only the controlled locomotive
-Block occupancy feedback display on layout for dispatchers
-Security logic for dispatcher game
-Bug fix in station speaker announcements
-Double Header - control of two locomotives with one command even if the command station do not support it

Before any update I always test a lot. Not only the functions, but I also test the app on different screen sizes and android versions. If you experience any issue when using the app please let me know on this e-mail: . This way I can fix the problems if any.

If you already downloaded the app please rate it on Google Play. Thanks.

Monday, October 13, 2014

TEMOFESZT 2014 Model Railroad Exhibition

Last weekend we were on the biggest Central-European model railroad exhibition in Hungary, the TEMOFESZT 2014. Digitools exhibited a big digital layout controlled by DigiTrains.

There were 2 stations controlled by two dispatchers with 2 10" tablet running DigiTrains android application on it:
- showing occupied blocks
- route control
- security logic: no route crossings, no route to occupied blocks
- station speake announcements

The block occupancy feedback works currently with Roco Z21 command station and Roco 10787 feedback module OR with Digitools's DigiWifi and DigiSense boards.

The new DigiTrains 1.9 will be availabe soon for download from Google Play. Follow us here on the blog or on our Facebook or Google+ page. You can find more pictures about the exhibition on on Facebook and Google+.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Track occupancy feedback short demo

The next big step in the DigiTrains development is the track occupancy feedback. This new feautre can be used for those who bought the Dispatcher game In-App product in DigiTrains and use the layout editor menu.

So far in this editor you could create your unique layout and set routes between start- and endpoints. With the two-touch route selection you are able to change group of accessories with one command and see the green path on your layout which is given to your train.

On the below picture you can see that platfrom 3 and 4 is occupied (red). I gave route from the right side to platform 5 (green). At this point all 5 turnouts and one light signal is switched automatically.

With this new development you will be able to see the occupied blocks in red color. The testing of the program is still underway and will debut on the biggest Hungarian exhibition 2 weeks later on TEMOFESZT. In the next weeks I will share more video on how it is working and how you can create layouts to use this feature. Now you can check this short demo video showing this new feature on a simple station: block occupancy demo video .

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

DigiTrains - Loconet compatibility development

I had the possibility to make test with an Intellibox recently. This command station uses Loconet protocol. As you may know DigiWifi uses XPressNet protocol, so for long time I was thinking how we can be compatible with Loconet. In the last two weeks I worked on this solution.

I decided to solve this issue with an Uhlebrock 63840 Maus-Adapter, which actually converts XPressNet siganals to Loconet.

I realized that this adapter has some differencies in the usual XPressNet protocol, so I needed to change the software in DigiWifi and also in DigiTrains. The now Loconet compatibility feautre will be available soon in DigiTrains 1.9 and in DigiWifi 2.1. With this you can use the dispatcher game even with a Loconet command station. See this short video made during my tests this weekend.

To use this feature you need to enable Loconet Maus-Adapter feautre in DigiTrains. DigiTrains will tell to DigiWifi to use Uhlenbrock 63840 Maus-Adapter compatible communication. This adapter can be used with Uhlenbrock command stations: DAISY, Intellibox, Twincenter and other Loconet command stations.
Despite the fact that this adapter supports only 3 MultiMauses, since DigiWifi behaves like only one MultiMuas you can use as many android device as many you like.

I plan to test it also on a  Fremo event in the near feature, with an addon which makes DigiTrains similar to a FRED. That means you will be only able to control one locomotive. This locomotive can be only changed with a DigiWifi adminstrator password.

Differences in DigiTrains when use it in Loconet compatibility mode:
·        -No locomotive information queries
·        -No accessory information queries
·        -CV programming not available (CV can be programmed only on Command Station)

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

DigiTrains 1.8 update on Play

I updated DigiTrains today on Play. You find the following new functions in it:

New accessory icons (the bottom row).

You can change the name and address of locomotives, accessories and routes.

In Profiles menu you will see the active profile. You also have the possibility to load an empty profile at any time to start from scratch.

New track elements in dispatcher game layout editor menu. Now you can make crossings.

New layout design in Train control menu for tablets. you can control two locomotives at the same time. On the right panel you can slide between the quick-list locomotives. In the middle panel you can choose what to see: accessories, routes or station speaker.

Brand new design in the whole app.

Animated video test

I saw a cool animated video yesterday evening, and I got the feeling to make one about DigiTrains. I played with it for 3 hours. Maybe I will do more in the future, since I like these kind of videos. Watch it fullscreen, it is better like that.

Click here to watch it

Monday, July 7, 2014

DigiWifi 2.0

DigiWifi can be purchased in shops or on for 6 month now. It is used by individuals and some clubs as well. We got several feedbacks, and we made some changes based on them.

The new version is called DigiWifi 2.0 and it supports unlimited android device connections. So by purchasing one DigiWifi for the price approximately 260€ you can play with as many android handheld as many you have. So friends, kids from the neighbourhood can come and play on their phones. Knowing that one MultiMaus costs something like 140€, if you do not play alone then it worth to use DigiWifi and DigiTrains.

There are serveral new functions also in DigiTrains 1.7, for example the graphical route control module, called dispatcher.

Friday, May 30, 2014

DigiTrains used by Hungarian Model Railroad Clubs

In spring I played on several exhibitions with one of the Hungarian model railroad clubs called "Tram no. 1 Club". They have a Z21 command station, so we used the Z21 and DigiTrains application in parallel. Some of the visitors could also try it walking around the huge layout with their phone in their hands.

Since the Z21 command station has an XPressNet interface, we are able to connect the DigiWifi to it, just like connecting a MultiMaus. The two smartphone application (DigiTrains and Z21) can work at the same time without any problems, so everyone can decide which one to use. Several club members decided to use DigiTrains, since it has an additional functionality for Hungarian users, and this is the station speaker announcment. With this they can play announcments edited by them, choosing signals, track numbers, train types and so on. I am looking forward to make this module also for other langauges if somebody can provide me sound files and help to do it. If you can, please contact me.

Some picture and video from the exhibition: