Monday, September 29, 2014

Track occupancy feedback short demo

The next big step in the DigiTrains development is the track occupancy feedback. This new feautre can be used for those who bought the Dispatcher game In-App product in DigiTrains and use the layout editor menu.

So far in this editor you could create your unique layout and set routes between start- and endpoints. With the two-touch route selection you are able to change group of accessories with one command and see the green path on your layout which is given to your train.

On the below picture you can see that platfrom 3 and 4 is occupied (red). I gave route from the right side to platform 5 (green). At this point all 5 turnouts and one light signal is switched automatically.

With this new development you will be able to see the occupied blocks in red color. The testing of the program is still underway and will debut on the biggest Hungarian exhibition 2 weeks later on TEMOFESZT. In the next weeks I will share more video on how it is working and how you can create layouts to use this feature. Now you can check this short demo video showing this new feature on a simple station: block occupancy demo video .

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