Friday, April 3, 2015

DigiTrains 2.6 on Play

New features in DigiTrains 2.6:

Driving Cab

The Driving Cab can be opened by pressing the driving wheel button in Train Control menu.

If we have more than 6 functions, we can reach them by pressing F+.

The settings of the Driving Cab can be opened by pressing the DigiTrains icon.

You can select from 3-3 different accelerate and decelerate dynamic. These moving dynamic parameters can be different for each locomotive, depending on how fast it can accelerate or decelerate. Try out the different settings to find the one you like the most. The moving dynamic is affected by the CV3 and CV4 settings in the locomotive decoder. Settings them to 8 will be fine in most cases, but you can use them with different values, too. If you have sound decoder you may also want to set a startup delay, so the speed display will be in syncron with the locomotive movement. The speed display can be customized by touching the speed in Train Control menu (speed customization is not available from Driving Cab screen). See details in Speed Display section.

JMRI user names

JMRI user names are used instead of system names (if available).

Longer names available in lists

Longer locomotive and accessory names are displayed in lists.

New loco sounds

7 new US locomotive horn and 2 railroad crossing sound. Below video shows how to use the loco sounds:

The latest documentation on DigiTrains is always available on this link:

Thursday, April 2, 2015

New feature in DigiTrains 2.6: Driving Cab

The biggest new feature in DigiTrains 2.6 is the virtual Driving Cab In-App Product. The graphics are based on a modern Stadler Flirt train. Check out the video here:

You can try it for free on your phones using JMRI, Z21 or DigiWifi with your model railroad layout.

You can open the Driving Cab by touching the "Driving wheel" icon on Train control screen:

Short description on how to use the driving cab:

To change accelerate and decelerate dynamic touch the DigiTrains icon:

Detailed description and Tips are available in the latest DigiTrains documentation: