Friday, May 30, 2014

DigiTrains used by Hungarian Model Railroad Clubs

In spring I played on several exhibitions with one of the Hungarian model railroad clubs called "Tram no. 1 Club". They have a Z21 command station, so we used the Z21 and DigiTrains application in parallel. Some of the visitors could also try it walking around the huge layout with their phone in their hands.

Since the Z21 command station has an XPressNet interface, we are able to connect the DigiWifi to it, just like connecting a MultiMaus. The two smartphone application (DigiTrains and Z21) can work at the same time without any problems, so everyone can decide which one to use. Several club members decided to use DigiTrains, since it has an additional functionality for Hungarian users, and this is the station speaker announcment. With this they can play announcments edited by them, choosing signals, track numbers, train types and so on. I am looking forward to make this module also for other langauges if somebody can provide me sound files and help to do it. If you can, please contact me.

Some picture and video from the exhibition: