Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Emergency STOP one locomotive

A new function in DigiTrains 1.9 is the emergency stop of the currently controlled locomotive. That is straightforward if you want to stop your locomotive you will press the normal STOP button on the train control screen. In this case the train will stop as it is defined in its CVs. If this is set to be like in the real world the train may stop on a quite long way. But what if you want to stop it immediately because of an emergency? You may use the Main Emergency STOP button on the top right corner, but this will stop all the trains on your layout. There is a better option now!

In Train Control menu you can LONG-TOUCH the normal STOP button between the + and - buttons. With this the currently driven locomotive will stop immediately, independent from the predefined CV values. This command will not influence the other locomotives on the layout. This functions is available on some throttles like the LENZ LH-100 (press the direction changes button).

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