Friday, August 14, 2015

DigiTrains on Windows - BlueStacks

You can use DigiTrains on Windows PC or tablet by using BlueStacks android emulator.

You can download BlueStacks from here:

This emulator is about 2 GB. After installation the program turns your PC or phone into an android tablet. It can run in a window or fullscreen. Registrate your gmail account and download DigiTrains from Google Play:

The emulated android system will use the network of your PC or tablet. So you need to connect it to the same network where Z21, JMRI or DigiWifi is connected. In case of JMRI it can run also on the same PC of course.

By using this solution you enjoy easy-to-use user friendly DigiTrains android application on your Windows PC or tablet, and control your digital layout. I used this device to Play on my layout:

Important notice: you cannot install BlueStacks on a Windows Phone currently. In the near future DigiTrains will be available on Windows and IOS, too.

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