Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Control your locomotives with Gamepad


You can control your locomotives with android compatible bluetooth gamepad as well. 

Connect your gamepad via Bluetooth to your device. Select a train in locomotive library and you are ready to use the gamepad for train control. Meanwhile you can also navigate to other menus to change turnouts or routes. If you press the driving wheel icon in Train Control menu you will get a special virtual driving cab similar to the one already available in Digitrains without the gamepad. There you will have all function buttons, direction knob, emergency stop button and speed display in km/h or mph. The program recognizes automatically if you have a gamepad connected or not and opens the proper virtual driving cab on the screen.

1.  Direction buttons:
a.    UP: increase speed with one speedstep
b.    DOWN: decrease speed with on speedstep
c.    RIGHT: forward
d.    LEFT: backward
2.  Left joystick: not used
3.  Right joystick
a.    Forward: accelerate
b.    Backward: decelerate
c.    Right: forward
d.    Left: backward
4.  F0
5.  F1
6.  F2
7.  F3
8.  F4
9.  not used
10. not used
11. F5

Other functions are available on the screen.

The gamepad you use must be a Bluetooth HID gamepad compatible with android. I use the MOGA PRO and MOGA HERO gamepads. It can be purchased on It also provides a universal phone holder and tablet holder. The PRO version is able to charge your phone while playing.


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