Monday, October 3, 2016

DigiTrains Academy:

DigiTrains academy is started on Facebook page. You may follow this page to be up-to-date with DigiTrains news and functions.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

DigiTrains 3.2 available on Play

Show the status of next signal

If you use multi-color signals which are able to show the status of next signal, you can use them in DigiTrains. To enable the use of this function first enable it in Dispatcher settings menu which can be opened on the top right menu bar.

Enable the “Enable to add start and end signals for routes in layout editor” setting.

After that, create a new route or edit one (as it is written above in Dispatcher game section). Now after the step where you select your route press save button and you will be asked to select the start signal for the route. After that you will be asked to select the end signal for the route. Then press save to submit your settings. During the process you can quit by pressing the back button above the layout. For start signal only multi-color signal can be chosen.
During dispatcher game DigiTrains will set start signals automatically based on the status of end signals:
·         if you change the status of a signal, which the end signal of an active route, then the start signal will be changed automatically based on the value of end signal (end signal address+0 and address+1 will be set to start signal address+2 and address+3)
·         if you select a route, then the selected route start signal value will be changed based on the end signal (end signal address+0 and address+1 will be set to start signal address+2 and address+3)

For Start signal you need to configure a multi-color signal. A multi-color signal reserves 4 addresses. The base address + 3. Be aware of this when add other accessories, not to use these virtual addresses.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

DigiTrains 3.1 on Play

DigiTrains 3.1 is available for download on Play:

You can add signals with more than 2 lights. 3 or 4 lights are supported. You can add them in accessories menu.

You can clone your layout in Layout Editor menu. Check for the new menu item in the top right.

You can switch off accessory update in dispatcher mode in Layout Editor menu. Check for the new menu item in the top right. This is useful, if your command station does not give back proper status sometimes.

 At JMRI update default profile is not written in Profiles menu any more. It will be written, after you save your profile.

 At JMRI update DigiTrains checks if an engine or accessory is already exist in its database, and it will not overwrite them if there is one with the same name or address. This way, you will not lost uniqe settings like function icons, or accessory pictures, which cannot be set in JMRI and transferred to DigiTrains.

For more information please read DigiTrains documentation.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

DigiTrains 3.0 on Play

This release has a new feature for Hungarian users, the Station announcements. With this you can play station announcements used in Hungary on railway stations. You can select the words or phrases from drop down lists and play certain announcements based on your train movement, type, platform, etc.

I would be happy to provide this feature in other languages, especially in english and german, but for this I would need help from local people to provide the logic (proper word order) and the sounds. Please let me know if you can help:

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

DigiTrains 2.9 on Play: Domino Dispatcher design

Dispatcher game: Domino

New design is available for dispatcher game: Domino.

You can choose from more design in dispatcher game. Select the menu icon in the top right corner to change design:

On tablets:                         

On phones: 

In Domino design the use of Common accessory button and Unlock route button is different. You do not have to hold the buttons for 2 hand accessory change.

Use of the buttons if Adv. (Advanced security logic) is off:

· Unlock Route button releases all routes (KO)
· Common accessory button is not functional

Use of the buttons if Adv. is On:
· Unlock routes button releases routes by double touch
· Press Unlock routes button first. You can see it is on, because it lits. Then press the endpoint of an active route. The route will be released. Unlock routes button goes off.
· Accessories can be changed only if the Common accessory button is touched and set on (it lits). Then touch an accessory, it will change. The common accessory button will go off automatically.

Block occupancy release

Occupied blocks get only free after 2 seconds of unoccupied state.

Z21 Locomotive options bug fix

For Z21 users Locomotive options menu crashed in DigiTrains 2.8. Now this bug is fixed.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

DigiTrains 2.8 on Play

New features:

1. You are able to enable/disable automatic speed set to zero when direction button is pressed in Traincontrol Options menu with a checkbox. This setting will apply to all locomotives. This setting has no effect when locomotive is controlled from virtual cab or with gamepad, since these control modes are to provide realistic train control. This setting can be useful for magnetic decouplers.

2. Layouts are saved automatically in Dispatcher game after leaving layout editor menu.
3. DigiTrains 2.8 was tested with latest JMRI 4.0 Production version. JMRI functions bug fix: functions are displayed in Train Control screen.

Friday, August 14, 2015

DigiTrains on Windows - BlueStacks

You can use DigiTrains on Windows PC or tablet by using BlueStacks android emulator.

You can download BlueStacks from here:

This emulator is about 2 GB. After installation the program turns your PC or phone into an android tablet. It can run in a window or fullscreen. Registrate your gmail account and download DigiTrains from Google Play:

The emulated android system will use the network of your PC or tablet. So you need to connect it to the same network where Z21, JMRI or DigiWifi is connected. In case of JMRI it can run also on the same PC of course.

By using this solution you enjoy easy-to-use user friendly DigiTrains android application on your Windows PC or tablet, and control your digital layout. I used this device to Play on my layout:

Important notice: you cannot install BlueStacks on a Windows Phone currently. In the near future DigiTrains will be available on Windows and IOS, too.